M&O Watches respects the privacy of its website visitors and customers. The privacy policy page will help you understand how we manage your data. Our transparent policies have complied with the major laws of the country. The Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is extremely crucial for any individual. The US privacy law depicts it as any piece of information that can identify an individual. The privacy policy will help you understand how M&O Watches use, collect, and manage your data.


What information is collected by M&O Watches?
Only essential information is collected by M&O Watches from its users and website visitors. This would include their name, address, payment information, contact details, and so on. By using this information, we can help in the purchase and delivery of our products.


When will your data be collected?
Since M&O Watches has a wide range of offerings, there could be different instances on which we collect data from our users. Following are some of these major scenarios:
User data will be collected when they create a new account
Authentication of data is done when a user log-ins to their account
Data is collected whenever a user buys a product
Essential details are collected whenever an individual sells a product
Collection of data through forms or surveys
Information collection through customer support
How is the collected data used and managed?
M&O Watches takes all the needed steps to keep your data private and confidential. The data can be used in different ways. Some of these scenarios are covered below.
To authenticate whenever a user log-ins to the website
To deliver our products to the right address
To manage issues through customer support
To communicate to our customers via emails and calls
To stay in touch with our customers through communication emails
To help our customers browse the website without any trouble
To buy products from prospective sellers
To inform our customers about any crucial detail
Is the user data managed safely by M&O Watches?
Yes, all the collected user data is stored and managed safely by M&O Watches. We keep scanning our data servers for any malware attack and vulnerabilities at regular intervals. Our engineers have all the upgraded resources to protect common data breaches.
Furthermore, all the payments processed through our website are encrypted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Though, we do not store or manage user data when they use a third-party payment gateway.


How are cookies used by M&O Watches?
In order to provide a better browsing experience to our website visitors, M&O Watches also take the assistance of cookies. Though, we do not use cookies to track any individual. Users can always go to their browser settings and disable cookies. They can also choose not to accept cookies from M&O Watches. After doing so, it might take more time to load the website.


About Third-party disclosure and links
We, at M&O Watches, would never sell or trade user data or PII to any other source without prior informing the respective individual. Though, we would have to forward user data to all the essential tools and parties that are responsible for the operation of our website and business model. All the third-party sources we are connected to promises to keep the forwarded data private and confidential. Furthermore, we would have to forward user data if asked by the government.
You might also see some third-party links on our website. We carefully place third-party links for different reasons. If you visit any third-party link and provide your data, then M&O Watches won’t be responsible for it. Also, these third-party links will have their own privacy policy.


About Google AdSense
Just like other websites, we might also use Google AdSense for advertisement. Since Google is a third-party source, it will have its own privacy policy. Ideally, Google uses DART cookies to come up with personalized and user-centric ads. Though, you can always disable it by visiting your Google privacy settings. You can know more about it here.


California Online Privacy Protection Act
According to California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), all the online businesses need to provide privacy policy for their website visitors and users. M&O Watches comply with the law as well in the following ways:
A link to our privacy policy has been provided on our home page.
We support anonymous browsing on our website.
The word “Privacy” is clearly displayed with our terms and conditions.
While the law has been originated from California, website owners the world over has to follow it. This is because any resident of the California state can visit the website, even if it is hosted outside California. Furthermore, M&O Watches also agrees to notify its users of any change in our privacy policy.
If a user wants to change their information, they can get in touch with us via calls, emails, or customer support ticket/chat. Also, they can just log-in to their account and change their personal details on their own as well.


How are the “Do Not Track” signals handled?
M&O Watches completely honors the Do Not Track signals. Though, your browser should support them as well.
Are third-party behavioral tracking tools allowed on M&O Watches?
M&O Watches does not support or use any kind of third-party behavioral tracking tool.
Children Online Privacy Protection Act
The Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) makes parents of minors (children of age 13 or below) responsible for their online information. We, at M&O Watches, comply with the law as well. We protect the data of all the kids of age 13 or below. Nevertheless, we do not cater to children as our target audience includes adults.


Fair Information Practices Principles
M&O Watches respects the privacy of every individual and complies with the Fair Information Practices as well. In case if we detect any breach in our data servers, we will inform about it to our users within 1 business day.
M&O Watches also respects the Individual Redress Principle. It gives rights to every individual to take enforceable steps against anyone who collects their data without prior information.


We follow the CAN SPAM Act
According to the CAN SPAN Act, an individual has the right to opt out of marketing or advertising emails. We, at M&O Watches, support the CAN SPAM Act by providing the following services:
We will not mail with any misleading subjects or headlines.
We will provide a physical address of our store in our emails.
We agree to identify our emails as an advertisement (if needed).
We agree to monitor any third-party mailing service we use.
We will provide a link to unsubscribe users from our list.
We agree to remove users from our mailing list after they unsubscribe to it.
Ideally, we send emails to our customers, leads, and subscribers under the following scenarios:


To guide them during account creation
To help them authenticate (or change) their account credentials
To welcome them to M&O Watches and make them familiar with our services
To keep our customers informed about their purchases
To communicate with them about new products, buying/selling of products, and various other details
To resolve any issue related to purchasing, accounts, post-purchase, payments, and other services.