Purchasing a watch online has its advantages because of the deals and the large selection to choose from. If a Buyer is not careful where they purchase they can find the disadvantages far outweighing the aforementioned positives. We have heard stories of late delivery of watches, if a delivery at all after payment was made. Buyers who have received a newly purchased watch but it was not authentic. The list of issues can be long. Here at mandowatches.com we offer a 14 day money back guarantee that way you have all the time you need to inspect or feel good about your purchase. Your transaction with us is important that’s why we are willing to beat any competitors price with our new make an offer feature.
1. A Large Variety Of Luxury Timepieces Available For Sale
mandowatches.com provides many different brands for sale such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Patek Philippe and many more. Whichever brand and model you are in the market for; if we do not have what you are looking for in stock please contact us and we will find and broker the right deal for you.
2. Authenticity
Every watch at mandowatches.com is authenticated by a Master WatchMaker. We match all of the respective serial numbers of the timepiece and fully disclose.We only deal with authentic items and do not deal with fakes or knockoffs.
3. Great Prices
As a buyer you are always looking for a great deal. That is why we have the best deals and no competitor can beat our prices.
4. Guarantee
We guarantee any watch you buy from us is exactly as our report says it is. If it is not, we offer a full refund of your purchase.
5. Fast Delivery
As soon as we receive payment we prepare your timepiece for shipment. We will do free complimentary overnight shipping.We have a meticulous approach to packaging your newly purchased watch. We provide you with your FedEx Tracking number so you may view the location of your package and expected delivery, online at FedEx.com.
5 Reasons To Buy Your Watch From mandowatches.com